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XP WS6 Wireless Headphones for DEUS II

WS6 Helmet

The WS6 is not just a simple wireless headset. It can also control your detector!

Without the remote control, he can drive the disc alone for an ultra-ergonomic and lightweight configuration. The headset unclips to position itself on the rod in order to take advantage of its control screen, the target display and all the settings. Its ideal complement then becomes the wireless headphones WSA II or WSA II-XL.

WS6 - 3 Setups

WS6 SLAVE  : WS6 slave of the remote control (from 750g with the 22.5cm disc ). The remote control is master and controls the disc, functions and settings. Note: The WS6 can be replaced by the WSA II (coming soon) / WSA II-XL (coming soon) / BH-01 / FX03 helmets .

WS6 MASTER (+ wireless headphones)  : WS6 Master (from 750g in hand with the 22.5cm disc ). The WS6 drives the disc, adjusts all parameters and displays targets. This helmet offers a very detailed graphic display. Soon you will be able to connect the WSA II / WSAII-XL headsets to the WS6 or connect the FX03 wired headset .

WS6 MASTER (WS6 only) : This is the lightest configuration. The WS6 is clipped to the XP backphone (750g in hand with 22.5cm disc ). The WS6 drives the disc, adjusts all parameters and displays targets. It has a very detailed graphic screen.

WS6 Setups

Quick assembly – disassembly

Technical characteristics

Wireless link

Connection with MI-6

With its own control interface

Foldable and ergonomic



Autonomy: 15 hours

Weight: 82g

Screen: 64x64px

Quick charge in USB format: less than 3 hours

Headphone and disc charging status indication

Target conductivity display

Disc change (up to 10 discs)

Guaranteed for 5 years and built to last

Made in France

Technical Support WS6 Helmet

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XP WS6 Headphones for Deus 2

  • $349.00

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