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ORX Detector 22.5cm X35 Search Coil (9"), S-TELESCOPIC Lite Stem, RC, FX02 + MI-6 + Free XP WSA Audio Special Purchase

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All For 599.00 Shipped to your door.

XP Orx - Image

ORX Detector 22.5cm X35 Search Coil (9")


XP Orx Remote-Image

XP ORX remote control

6 detection programs that adapt to all terrains!

Real control center of your detector, the remote control allows you to adjust all the settings of your ORX . It can be fixed on the rod or in the pocket.

■ High sensitivity
■ High frequencies up to 80kHz
■ Advanced features
■ Customizable programs

4 factory programs + 2 user programs

4 programs have been pre-recorded in the ORX remote control to give you quick access to 4 very specific search modes. You can program 2 more for even more possibilities:

  • GOLD  : use on poorly mineralized ground. High sensitivity on medium and large gold targets
  • FINE GOLD  : use on very mineralized ground. High sensitivity on small and medium gold target
  • COIN FAST : search for coins and all types of targets on mineralized and lightly polluted ground
  • COIN DEEP  : search for coins and all types of targets on unpolluted ground. (see user manual)
  • 5-year warranty and LONGTIME certified  (designed to last)
  • Made in France

XP X35 (9") Search Coil












4 Coil versions for even more possibilities

1 Disc 22.5cm X35 offering 35 Frequencies 

XP X35 - 22.5 cm Search Coil

22.5 cm X35 disc for DEUS and ORX - Reference D01X35.

This wireless, resistant and waterproof detection disc compatible with the DEUS and the ORX is equipped with the latest lithium polymer battery (LiPo), giving it approximately 15 hours of autonomy depending on the mode of use. It uses 35 frequencies from 3.7 to 27.7 kHz.




XP S-Stem extended-Image


XP Orx S-Stem Folded-Image

The new ORX S-Telescopic Lite rod  weighs just 320g

Telescopic for better storage

Ergonomic for more comfort

Unfolds in 5 seconds, to adapt to any shape of ground

S-Telescopic Lite Rod

The ergonomic telescopic S-shaped rod in the LITE version: only 320 g!

This new patented cane allows instant storage and greater maneuverability than straight canes with added handles.
The ergonomics have been studied by our research department. Our designers have developed an even lighter rod to reduce the weight of your detector as much as possible for even more comfort over time.

Telescopic: Store your detector in 5  seconds

Fold your detector's pole and store it in your backpack in seconds.

When folded, your detector takes only 65 cm in length (fitted with a 22 cm disc).

Telescopic: Store your detector in 5 seconds


Fold your detector's pole and store it in your backpack in seconds.

When folded, your detector takes only 65 cm in length (fitted with a 22 cm disc).

Ergonomic, it adapts to your morphology and remains adjustable at all times

XP WSA Headphones-ImageXP WSA Audio Headphones-Image

WSAUDIO headphones

Wireless, rainproof, foldable, compact, lightweight neck-mounted headset, ideal for ORX.

Advantage  : you can separate the headset from the rest of the helmet. This allows you to buy only the arch if you damage it. Allowing you to maintain your devices like new at a lower cost remains a permanent research focus for XP.

A wireless headset for your ORX

The WSAUDIO wireless headphones are the ideal accessory for your ORX. Its wireless connection will allow you to hear the signals from your detector in optimum comfort. 

Detachable control module to connect a wired headset (optional) or easily change the headband of the headset.


Technical characteristics

  • Wireless link
  • Volume control button
  • Foldable and ergonomic
  • Rainproof
  • Long-lasting lithium battery: 27 hours
  • Quick charge in USB format: 2 hours
  • Headset charging status indicator LED 
  • Guaranteed for 5 years and certified LONGTIME  (designed to last)
  • Made in France


Summary of WS AUDIO advantages 

XP WSA Logo-ImageBackphone type wireless headphones

  • Lightweight, foldable, rainproof, storage case
  • Volume control button
  • Clip-on headset with one push to change the backphone 
  • Lithium battery guaranteed for 2 years 

XP MI-6 Pipnpointer-Image










Thanks to the wireless link between your MI-6 and your XP DEUS II ,  DEUS or ORX detector , you can: 

  • Adjust the sensitivity of your pinpointer from the remote control of your detector
  • Hear signals from your pinpointer in your headset
  • Find your pinpointer if you lost it
  • View the location pattern on your remote control
  • Adjust the tone of your pinpointer
  • Check the autonomy of your pinponter

Setting and display on the DEUS II ,  DEUS or ORX of the extended functions of the MI-6 :

  • 50 levels of sensitivity
  • Adjustable tones
  • 2 sound modes
  • Battery level
  • 4 programs
  • Search mode for lost MI-6 (even when switched off and after several weeks)

Technical characteristics MI-6

  • Audio signal transmitted directly to the DEUS II ,  DEUS or the ORX by wireless link
  • Interference suppression system between MI-6 and DEUS or ORX
  • Water resistant to 6 meters
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • Detection frequency: 12 kHz 
  • Sensitivity: 3 levels (up to 50 if connected to DEUS or ORX) + r etune 
  • LED/vibrator/audio: ON/OFF 
  • Audio mode: PULSE or PITCH 
  • Holster , wrist strap and charging cable provided
  • Dimensions: L: 24 cm - D: 3.8 cm 
  • Weight: 170g 
  • Operating temperature: - 5°C to +40°C 
  • T° allowed under load: 0°C to +35°C
  • Guaranteed 2 years
  • Made in France


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XP Orx and MI-6-Image


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XP ORX Detector X35 Coil (9"), S-TELESCOPIC Lite Stem, RC + MI-6 Special Purchase

  • Brand: XP Metal Detectors
  • Product Code: ORX Detector 9 Inch Coil S-Stem Lite, RC + MI-6 Special Purchase
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $599.00

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