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Wilcox 10″ Narrow Trowel
10″ All-Pro Stainless Trowel This heavy-duty, narrow trowel is excellent for digging small ho..
Wilcox 10″ Stainless Trowel
Wilcox 10″ All-Pro Digging Trowel This trowel is a handy, all-around digger for gardening, treasu..
Wilcox 12″ Heavy Duty Trowel
12″ All-Pro Heavy-Duty Trowel. The No. 101 is a heavy-duty, narrow trowel built for rugged us..
Wilcox 13″ Weeder
Wilcox 13″ All-Pro weeder This weeder is built for professional use. The one piece design feature..
Wilcox 9″ Stainless Trowel
Wilcox 9″ All-Pro Digging Trowel This trowel is excellent for cultivating plants and flowers in p..
Wilcox Scoop with Holes
Wilcox All-Pro 3 Qt. 5/8″ Sifting Scoop This sifting scoop is used to sift and strain dr..
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