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Fisher accessories

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Fisher Arm Strap
Fisher Metal Detector Accessory Detector Velcro arm-strap holds detector tight to your arm. ..
Fisher Baseball Cap
Fisherlabs Baseball Cap One size fits all, Velcro closure back, khaki with Fisher logo across..
Fisher Camo Backpack
Fisher Camo Backpack Digital Camo style with padded shoulder straps, multiple pockets, compar..
Fisher Camo Cap
Fisher Camo Cap REALTREE “APG” Camo patterns with the Fisher name stitched across the front i..
Fisher Camo Pouch
Fisher Camo Finds/Treasure Pouch Camo Pouch with two large pockets and belt included. Man..
Fisher Chest Harness for CZ-21 and 1280-X
Fisher Chest Harness for the 1280X and CZ21 Metal Detectors Adjustable Shoulder Stra..
Fisher Coffee Mug
Fisher Coffee Mug 16 Oz Stainless Steel tumbler, plastic lined with screw on lid. Item# F..
Fisher F2 Neoprene Rain Cover
Fisher Neoprene Rain Cover for Fisher F2 Product Features: New Design has No Holes ..
Fisher F4 Neoprene Rain Cover
Neoprene Rain Cover for Fisher F4   Product Features: Made of Black Neoprene..
Fisher Folding Shovel
NEW! Fisher Folding Shovel   Adjustable tempered forged steel blade and pick. ..
Fisher Gemini 3 Piece Handle Kit
3 piece handle kit for Fisher Gemini 3 two-box cache detecting metal detector. Manufacturer P..
Fisher Gemini Bag For 3 Piece Handle Kit
Carry bag for the 3-piece handle kit, for the Fisher Gemini 3 two-box / cache detecting metal..
Fisher Gemini Ground Rod Harness Assembly
Fisher Gemini Ground Rod Harness Assembly The Fisher Ground Rod Assembly when connected to th..
Fisher Metal Sand Scoop
Fisher Metal Sand Scoop A great tool to sift through soil and locate your finds. Filt..
Fisher Padded Carry Bag
Fisher Padded Carry Bag Rugged double stitched construction with exterior pocket. Manufac..
Fisher T Shirt
Fisher T-Shirt Cotton blend with Fisher logo across the front. Available sizes: L, XL and XXL..
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