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Here we will attempt to be pro-active in answering some of the frequently asked questions about the Autel X-Star

What is the difference

between the X-Star and

X-Star Premium?

The X-Star has a shorter range than the Premium and comes with only a 16GB SD card and no case.

What's in the X-Star Box?

1. Aircraft Suite

Your X-Star aircraft, remote controller, battery, gimbal holder, and Micro-SD card are all included. The controller comes pre-synced and is ready to be used with your iOS or Android devices.

1. Aircraft
2. Controller
3. Battery 
4. Gimbal Holder

5. 16GB Micro SD Card

2. Propellers

The X-Star comes with two different sets of props.

3. Charger kit

The X-Star Premium comes with an aircraft battery charger, which comes in two parts: an A/C cable to connect the charger to a power source, and the charger. The charger has two plugs attached—the bigger one charges the aircraft battery, and the smaller one charges the remote controller. Both can be used simultaneously. A Micro-USB cable is also included in the charger kit.

1. Aircraft Battery Charger
2. Micro-USB Cable



4. Documents

You’ll find the quick start guide, user manual, and packing list in the box—everything you need to learn about your new aircraft. 

5. Maintenance kit

We included some spare tools and parts just in case you need them.

1. Remote Controller Set
2. Indication Stickers
3. Rubber Pad
4. Anti-Drop Kit
5. Vibration Absorber
6. Propellor Wrench

How do I charge the X-Star battery and remote controller?


For a full charge, the aircraft battery requires approximately 1 hour and the remote controller requires approximately 4.5 hours. The remote controller and aircraft battery can be charged simultaneously.

To charge the controller and aircraft battery

  • Remove the battery from the aircraft and connect it to the charger.
  • Connect the charging cable to the power port on your remote controller.
  • Connect the charger to a power outlet.
  • Indicator lights on the aircraft battery will illuminate and show the battery level during charging. They will turn off when the battery is fully charged.


How do I attach the X-Star propellers?

The X-Star uses two different colored sets of propellers depending on the model color. Orange units come with black props, four with red caps and four black with black caps. White units come with white props, four with silver caps and four with red caps.

To attach the propellers

  • Remove the warning cards from the motors after reading. DO NOT power up the aircraft.
  • Match the two propellers with red caps to the motors with red paint on top. Match the two propellers with silver/black caps to the unpainted motors.
  • Fasten the propeller by rotating it in the direction indicated by the lock symbol () on the propeller. See image below.



NOTE: The lock symbol does not appear on the drone shell.

To remove the propellers

Power off the aircraft.

Unfasten the propeller by holding the motor still and rotating the prop in the direction indicated by the unlock symbol on the propeller, as seen in the above image.

If the propellers are attached very tightly, use the included propeller wrench to loosen them.

Getting to Know your Aircraft:

Don’t know what a certain part is on your aircraft? Don’t worry, we've got you covered. This quick guide breaks down the X-Star.

NOTE: The compass is encased inside the bottom portion of the landing gear.



What's on the X-Star remote controller?

The X-Star controller layout enables easy access to quick in-flight options like auto takeoff, go-home, and one-touch video recording.

1. Antennas

The left antenna transmits a 5.8-GHz RF signal to the aircraft for sending commands and receiving flight information.

Both antennas receive a 2.4-GHz Wi-Fi signal from the aircraft and transfer the flight data and camera data to the connected mobile app.

2. Mobile Device Holder

Holds the mobile device and allows a 180° adjustable viewing angle for optimum visibility.

3. Flight Information Panel

Displays the flight status, warning messages, and real-time instructions.

4. Left Command Stick

Set by default: Ascend Aircraft/Descend Aircraft and Rotate Left/Rotate Right.

5. Right Command Stick

Set by default: Move Forward/Move Backward and Move Left/Move Right.

6. Strap Hole

Attach a neck strap for easy portability.

7. Motor Starter

One touch starts the motors.

8. Take-off/Landing Button

Commands the aircraft to take off or land.

9. Power Button

Press and hold for two seconds to turn on/off the remote controller. You will hear a beep, and the controller will vibrate. The power button shows a solid green light when you turn on the remote controller.

10. Go Home Button

Commands the aircraft to return to the home point.

11. Pause Button

Commands the aircraft to stop moving temporarily and hover in position when necessary.

12. Power Port

Connection to the X-Star Premium/X-Star charger to charge the built-in battery.

13. Gimbal Pitch Dial

Turn the dial to control the tilt angle of the gimbal.

14. Flight Mode Switch

Switch between IOC, GPS, and ATTI modes.

15. Playback Button

Play back the captured images or videos. (Only functions when the remote controller is connected to the mobile app.)

16. Camera Settings Dial


Turn the dial to adjust camera settings.

17. Support Stand

Holds up the remote controller at a 40° angle.

18. Shutter Button

Takes a photo. If burst mode is selected, the set number of photos will be taken with one touch.

19. Record Button

Records a video. Press again to stop recording.

20. CAN-Bus Port

Connects two remote controllers with one operator as the instructor and the other as the learner.

21. Micro-USB Port

Reserved port.

22. USB Port

Connects to a mobile device through a USB cable.

What modes does the

X-Star have?


The X-Star has follow, orbit, and waypoint modes. It also has a beginner mode that establishes a geo-fence to limit the aircraft in range and altitude.

What is the range of the

X-Star remote 


The FCC rating for the X-Star is 0.62 miles (1 km) and 1.2 miles for the X-Star Premium in open spaces.

Is there a Fail Safe mode if

signal is lost?

Fail-safe is triggered after about five seconds when the signal between your aircraft and remote control is lost.

GPS is available when fail-safe is activated, the aircraft will return to the Go Home procedure automatically.


If GPS is unavailable (meaning less than six satellites are found) when fail-safe is activated, the aircraft will hover for 10 seconds. If six or more satellites are found in this period, the Drone will start the Go Home procedure; otherwise, the aircraft will land at its current location.


Where can I more information about the Autel Drones?


Please visit for more information and to participate in the  forum?

Thank you! 






Autel robotics x-star specs

Autel robotics x-star specs


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