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We love our customers and we show it through our service and on our site! Please be patient as we add more pictures and info to the page. But, for now you can see some of our customers doing what they love! Metal Detecting!

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Send us a picture of yourself holding your new detector or a favorite find! 



Our Friends Patrick and Susie with their new

Minelab  CTX 3030!

Our New friends Andy and his wife with their new pair of Garrett Ace 400's

Andy and His wife sprting their pair of new Garrett Ace 400's


Our Friend Roger shared a picture of his Grandson using his AT Pro. Future treasure hunter.. customer

Our new customer Van U. in L. A. California dug these first finds with his new AT Pro customer finds

Van's Ussery 

Thank you Joel of Spring, Texas for sharing some pictures of himself with his new Garrett AT Pro and his daughter holding her new Garrett Ace 350. Thank you! customer

Mr. Roy of PA.

Showing us his new Garrett Ace 400 and his first find. A ring!

garrett ace 400 customer review

If you like to fish, check out Roys site,


Our friend Max out in Cali, sent me a real nice picture of his best find thus far with his new Garrett AT Pro. It a nice 12k bracelet.  Thank you Max for sharing your picture with us.. 

Our friend Clarence up in WV sent us a picture of some of his gold rings and things to share with you. 


        Here are two photos of a spaghetti sauce jar filled with only gold rings and other jewelry found by myself with a Minelab Excaliber. This is just a small portion of valuables that I have found. Went out once with the CTX 3030 to a very hard hunted school ground, only finding 3 coins. They were a 1944 Quarter, a 1948 Quarter, and a 1947 Wheat penny. Don't know how they were missed but there was a zip tab in the same spot. Any way I will try and get out to some other old grounds soon. Still learning the CTX 3030 but I think it will be a good performer.    Your friend,



Our friend Parker up in Memphis sent us these fine pictures of a couple of things he has found so far with his new Ace 400 by Garrett Metal Detecotrs. Parker is fairly new to the hobby and wanted to share his pictures with us. Thank you Parker, and I hope that you continue finding more things like these as I'm sure you will. customer metal detector finds customer metal detector finds page


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