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XP WS4 Headset

The WS4 Head set for XP Deus 

XP WS4 Image 

Wireless backphones are fully shower proof, foldable, compact and extremely lightweight.

Advantages: The WS4 headset control has the same internal menu as the WS5, but offers a further added feature - The module can be quickly removed from the headband, then used with one of our WS4 accessories, fit it onto the stem, on your wrist, or in your pocket (adapters sold separately).

This headset can control your coil

ws4 display

The WS4 headset can drive the detector alone, allowing you to detect in an even lighter configuration. In the absence of the remote control, this headset will allow you to adjust the main settings such as:

  • Discrimination
  • Sensitivity
  • Ground effects
  • 5 multi-tones + full tones + pitch mode
  • 35 frequencies, from 3.7 to 27.7 kHz
  • 10 factory programs + 8 user programs
  • Volume
  • Reactivity
  • TX power
  • Tracking
  • Frequency offset
  • Iron volume
  • Audio answer

Quick assembly - disassembly



  • Backphone wireless headset with its own tuning interface
  • Parameter adjustable by the headset: sens, discri, sol, frequency, 1, 2, 3, 4 tones, etc ...
  • Factory programs and memorizing new programs
  • Lightweight, foldable, rainproof, storage box
  • Clip-on headset to change the backphone
  • Lithium battery warranty 2 years 

The WS4 headset is certified LONGTIME

Lontime logo


  • Wireless
  • Built in operational controls
  • Foldable and ergonomic
  • Weatherproof
  • Lithium powered with long battery life: 27 hours
  • Fast charge USB protocol: 2 hours
  • Indicates the battery level of headphone and coil
  • Target ID
  • Coil change
  • 5 Year warranty and LONGTIME certified (design to last)
  • Made in France



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XP WS4 Headset For Deus

  • $239.00

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