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Remote control XP DEUS

10 factory preset programs for all terrains! Plus 8 empty program slots for saving custom programs offering even more possibilities.

Control center of your detector, the remote control allows you to adjust all the settings of your DEUS . You can fix on the crutch or just put it in your pocket or power off if you use the WS4 earphones to control your detector.

XP Deus Remote Control-Image

Functional from the first power up

The remote locks in and out of the crutch in less time than it takes to say... A simple thumb press on the bottom of the remote is enough to unlock it.

XP Deus remote Control mounting to stem-Image

The DEUS remote control allows the following configurations:

Detection Settings

After choosing one of 10 detection programs, you can set more precise detection parameters: discrimination, sensitivity, frequency, iron volume, reactivity, audio response, and possibly a notch value .

You can adjust ground effects in manual mode , pump mode, compensation (tracking) mode, or beach mode .

extended functions

Tray configuration  : You can associate up to 10 trays by entering each of their serial numbers in the associated menu.

Static modes  allow you to detect without moving. It is an aid to locate metallic tubes or caches.

Pinpointer connection : The DEUS remote control can be linked to the XP MI-6 Pinpointer and thus access the pinpointer settings as well as hear the pinpointer directly in the headphones. You can even find it if you lose it (see manual).

XP Deus Remote Control front view-Image


10 factory programs + 8 user programs

10 programs have been pre-recorded in the DEUS remote to give you quick access to 10 very specific search modes:

  1. BASIC  : general use
  2. GMPOWER  - Powerful and fast, similar to XP GoldMaxx Power
  3. DEUS FAST  : more selective, ideal for small targets, and soils contaminated with ferrous metals
  4. PITCH  : nervous sound that varies in frequency and amplitude depending on the intensity of the signal
  5. G-MAXX  : good performance in large masses and coins of good conductivity, parameters similar to XP G-Maxx 1
  6. DEEP  : professional program for searching deep targets. Moderate discrimination and specific signal processing
  7. WET BEACH  : (wet beaches) requires a calibration of the ground effects in situation, by pumping or adjusting directly on the remote control
  8. DRY BEACH  : specific parameters for dry sand
  9. HOT  : all metal program based on Full Tones mode
  10. GOLD FIELD  : specific parameters for searching in heavily mineralized gold fields (see user manual)


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Remote control XP DEUS

  • $599.00

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