Fisher Metal Detectors

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Fisher 10″ DD Elliptical Search Coil
Fisher 10″ DD Ellptical Search Coil For the Fisher F-5 and Gold Bug Metal Detectors offers gr..
Fisher 11″ Coil Cover
Fisher 11″DD Coil Cover Search Coil Covers easily snap on the bottom of the search coil to pr..
Fisher 11″DD Search Coil
Fisher 11″ DD Search Coil This elliptical coil will allow for a broader sweep pattern and bet..
Fisher 1280-X Underwater Metal Detector 8"coil
Fisher 1280-X Underwater Metal Detector Proven Performance on Land or in Water The deep-s..
$679.95 $599.00
Fisher 1280X Under Water All Purpose Metal Detector 10.5"coil,
Fisher 1280-X Underwater Metal Detector – Proven Performance on Land or in Water The deep..
Fisher 4″ Coil Cover
4” Searchcoil Cover Product Features: 4 Inch in Diameter Black Round Prot..
Fisher 8″ Coil Cover
Fisher 8″ Coil Cover Product Features: 8 Inch in Diameter Black Round Open ..
Fisher Arm Strap
Fisher Metal Detector Accessory Detector Velcro arm-strap holds detector tight to your arm. ..
Fisher Baseball Cap
Fisherlabs Baseball Cap One size fits all, Velcro closure back, khaki with Fisher logo across..
Fisher Camo Backpack
Fisher Camo Backpack Digital Camo style with padded shoulder straps, multiple pockets, compar..
Fisher Camo Cap
Fisher Camo Cap REALTREE “APG” Camo patterns with the Fisher name stitched across the front i..
Fisher Camo Pouch
Fisher Camo Finds/Treasure Pouch Camo Pouch with two large pockets and belt included. Man..
Fisher Chest Harness for CZ-21 and 1280-X
Fisher Chest Harness for the 1280X and CZ21 Metal Detectors Adjustable Shoulder Stra..
Fisher Coffee Mug
Fisher Coffee Mug 16 Oz Stainless Steel tumbler, plastic lined with screw on lid. Item# F..
Fisher CZ-21 Quicksilver Metal Detector with 10.5″ coil
Fisher CZ-21 Quick Silver Premium Underwater Detector Whether it be Dry Land, Saltwater or Fr..
$1,499.00 $1,299.00
Fisher CZ-21 Quicksilver Under Water Metal Detector with 8″ coil
Fisher CZ-21 Quick Silver Metal Detector A Premium Underwater Detector Whether it be Dry Land..
$1,499.00 $1,299.00
Fisher CZ-3-D Metal Detector W/ 8" Coil
Fisher CZ-3D Metal Detector The easy-to-use, multifrequency CZ-3D is designed to find more co..
Fisher CZ-3D 5″ Search Coil
The Fisher CZ-3D 5″ Concentric Search Coil It offers better discrimination on shallow targets..
Fisher Deluxe Prospecting Kit
Fisher Deluxe Gold Prospecting Kit Manufacturer Part Number: GOLDKIT2 Includes: 1..
Fisher F-11 Metal Detector
Fisher F-11 Metal Detector .   Fisher F11 Great All-Purpose Metal De..
Fisher F-22 Metal Detector
Fisher F-22 Metal Detector You can now order! Available and in stock with limited amounts..
Fisher F-4  Metal Detector 11" B-Axle Coil
The Fisher F4 is a lightweight high performance detector. It has more features, performance, ..
Fisher F-44 Metal Detector
The All New Fisher F-44 Available Now !   Fisher F44 The Ultimate Weat..
Fisher F-44 Metal Detector Bonus Pack
Fisher F-44 with Bonus Items Bonus Package Includes Battery Charger, 4 Rechargeable Bat..
Fisher F-5 10″ Search Coil
The Fisher 10″ Elliptical search coil  is is an elliptical coil that will provide a broader ..
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