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Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector


Garrett Ace 300 Logo


The Garrett ace 300 is in the new line up also, and it features an all new 7”x10” concentric PROformance searchcoil. The new coil is a bit larger than the standard coil previously offered on the Ace 250 and will allow for additional coverage and detection depth. The Ace 300 sports a some what higher frequency of 8 kHz vs. 6.5 kHz that is found on the previous ACE 250. Allowing for better sensitivity to low and medium-conductivity targets. Other features of the ACE 300 is the Digital Target ID & 

 Frequency Adjust, allowing more Iron Discrimination segments than that of the previous ACE 250. The ace 300 will include stem locks for added stability of the unit while swinging back and forth. 

Available only in United States

ACE™ 300 Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 300 Back View

Garrett Ace 300 Proformance Search Coil

PN: 1141150

Ships with these 3 free Accessories

In Line-Volume control Garrett ClearSound Easy Stow headphones

Garrett Ace 300 with free Garrett Easy Stow Headphones

ACE Environmental Coverup

Garrett Ace 300 Eviro cover up

7" x 10" Searchcoil cover

Garrett Ace 300 7" X 10" coil cover


Garrett Ace 300 Specs sheet

Garrett has placed big features into the ACE 300—Digital Target ID, better detection abilities, a new audio system, and more—for a price that can’t be beat.

Key Features:

New Digital Target ID: 0 to 99 scale offers target information

New 7" x 10" PROformance™ submersible searchcoil offers more coverage, depth

New higher frequency (8 kHz) provides better sensitivity on low and medium-conductivity targets (i.e. gold, lead)

New Increased Iron Resolution: twice the iron resolution of an ACE 250, to help overcome target masking in iron-laden hunt sites

New Adjustable Frequency to help eliminate interference

New Camlocks for increased stem stability

New Includes Pulse-Width Modulation audio: sharper, more responsive audio

Includes Electronic Pinpointing: precisely locates targets and speeds recovery

Notch Discrimination: Modify discrimination patterns based on what you are seeking.


Five Search Modes (plus Pinpoint)

Eight (8) Sensitivity/Depth adjustments

Coin Depth Indicator determines target depth

Expanded Target ID legend: includes indication of U.S. 

The free items are: a 7”x10” searchcoil cover; volume-control ClearSound Easy Stow headphones; and a new ACE Environmental Cover-up to protect the control box from rain, dust, and mud.

The MSRP for the new ACE 300 is $299.95 (U.S.) 

Our price $254.95

Please watch how easy the Ace 300 is to operate

Garrett Ace 300 being tested

Garrett Ace 300 being tested

Garrett Ace 300 being tested on a farm


Download the owners manual here

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Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector

  • $269.95

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